Do teeth need to be pulled if they are "dead"?

My dog had her teeth cleaned and the vet pulled her upper two front teeth, saying that the teeth were dead and needed to come out. She was on the street when I found her three years ago (emaciated and full of heart worms) so who knows what her life was like, but the vet thinks she must have had some kind of trauma to her mouth as her lower front teeth are very worn down. The vet said the lower teeth will have to come out eventually, as well.

Asked by Member 487746 on Nov 18th 2008 Tagged teeth, pulled in Other Health & Wellness
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Worn down teeth are not really uncommon in dogs. Even dogs that have lived inside safe, secure homes their entire lives can have worn down teeth if they chew on inappropriate items - like their crates, for example.

Being "worn down" in itself is usually not cause enough to pull a tooth, unless there is damage to the tooth which may be painful to the dog or lead to infection.

vets perform X-rays of the teeth before they decide to pull any of the teeth, because some teeth have more than one root and can be difficult to remove, so it's important to rule out any potential issues. There are also options beyond pulling (ie, repair and even crowns), which most owners don't elect to have done due to the cost.

If you're uncomfortable about your vet's treatment of your dog's teeth, and/or he did not discuss pulling before he did it, I would look for a vet that you're more comfortable with and that discusses treatment.

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