Do shih tzu's have seizure problems often

My six year old shih tzu had her first seizure last night and the vet says that she wants to find the cause before starting phenobarb- is this usual?

Asked by Member 819589 on Mar 25th 2009 Tagged treatment, diagnosis in Alternative Treatments
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In Loving Memory of BOOMER

It's not as uncommon as people think for dogs to have seizures and to be on medication such as Phenobarb or Potassium Bromide. Sometimes there are "triggers" that bring on seizures just like in people. Be very alert to every detail that you can think of just before your dog has a seizure.

There is a dog at the clinic that I work at that when the owner opens a certain door, it squeaks, sending her dog into a seizure. It took a little while before the owner realized what was bringing it on. It can be lights, sounds, airplanes pretty much anything that you could be looking for, but if it's a trigger, it will be the same thing each time.

If you can't find a cause and her seizures are becoming more violent or happening more often, your vet will most likely put her on an anticonvulsant (Phenobarb). The big thing is to keep in regular contact with your vet about the situation. If it's worse, better or any other changes. Expect frequent bloodwork to monitor for the correct med. dosage.

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Bam-Bam, CGC

Well... Don't you want to know the cause of the seizure before putting your dog on medication for something that could be prevented by a diet change, environmental change, flea med change, etc...?

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Your vet it doing the right thing. Seizures from epilepsy are most common, but other conditions can cause them. Some things to consider:

-Epileptic seizures can occur at any age, but most dogs show symptoms at age 2-3.

-Pheno is only warranted if the dog has more than one or two seizures per month; pheno isn't guaranteed to keep more than that number per month at bay, so your dog might as well not be on if she has less. So, your vet might want to hold off on medicating her for a few months if he does diagnose her with epilepsy to make sure it will even benefit her.

-Most dogs with ep. live long, healthy lives PROVIDED you closely monitor ANY medication they are on with frequent bloodtests. Don't believe anyone who says any particular med is "side effect free." Close monitoring of med levels is the key to safe medication esp with ep. meds.

Good luck!

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