Do long hair or short hair shed more

Do long haired dogs shed more than short haired dogs?

Asked by Member 647462 on Jun 27th 2008 Tagged coat, grooming, hair, shedding in Professional Grooming
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No,not really.
It depences on the dog.For example my dog Totos who is a Poodle mix doesn't shed and I have to brush him thoroughly and give him a couple of hair cuts to keep his fur in a good condition.
My other dog Spot who is a Labrador Retriever mix has much more shorter fur but he sheds a lot!Anytime he jumps in my lap my clothes' colours turn white no matter if they were black or other colour!

Are you planning on getting a dog?There are some breeds which doesn't shed, like Poodles.

answered on Jun 28th.

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Bully's Beau

Ya know, it really depends on the dog. For example, I have a long-haired miniature dachshund and two short-haired miniature dachshunds. All of them shed an equal amount really. So it's more to do with the type of hair than the length. For example, my parents have an akita which is a double-coated breed. It sheds like nobody's business about twice a year when it blows its undercoat. Most double-coated breeds do this. Curly-coated breeds like poodles do not shed much at all. We had a bouvier growing up and I never remember him shedding. Long-haired breeds like shih tzus, maltese, etc. shed a bit from my experience just like short-haired dogs do. Still, I guess you could say that double-coated breeds shed the most and curly-coated breeds the least. Hope this helps.

Bully's Beau answered on 6/27/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer