Do I need to have my dogs rabies boostered everytime they tangle and kill a varmint? They killed a possum a little over

a month ago and then a woodchuck. My vets recommendation is yes if it's been over 30 days. Both times I did get the booster but isn't that a bit over vaccinating? Woodchuck was sent out for testing and came back negative but I was told they need the booster rather than waiting for the results. I mean they could kill something every week so...well you get the picture.

Asked by Wilbur on Jun 15th 2013 in Vaccinations
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You can also seek an opinion from a second vet. The other thing you can do is confine your dogs so they have less chance to tangle with other animals. Wildlife also carry internal and external parasites your dog could get. Some wildlife such as raccoons, get canine distemper and other such diseases that your dog could catch. And an animal such as a raccoon could do your dogs serious injury or even kill one of them.

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