Izabella Scout

Do Bully Sticks always stink?

We gave Izzy a Bully Stick yesterday and she LOVES it. What's even better is that it has lasted longer than a few minutes (like the rawhide bones we got her).
The issue is that the silly thing stinks like a nasty gross gym locker!! Do all types and brands smell so bad? Is there something else similar that doesn't stink? What about Moo Tubes or Tendons? I read somewhere that the Tendons are odor free, is that true?
Thanks in advance!!!!

Asked by Izabella Scout on Jan 27th 2008 Tagged bullystick, chewtoy in Treats
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Vance CGC

No, they don't always smell so bad. It depends on the brand you're buying. Some companies don't clean them very well. The stores I buy them from order from Bravo! Vance doesn't eat them, he just chews on them occasionally so I often have one lying around for several months. I've never had a problem with foul smell.

I've bought moo tubes from the same places, and also had no smell problem. They don't hold up to chewing as well as a bully stick. They're more of a treat to be immediately consumed than a chew. Supposedly they're high in glucosamine.

No experience with tendons, other than to notice that some places refer to bully sticks as tendons... So you may be looking at the same thing. I think an actual tendon would be thinner and softer than a bully.

In terms of natural, edible chews, bullies are the toughest thing I can think of, unless you want to give recreational raw bones. They're often called "wreck" bones, tho, for good reason. That's another story.

Vance CGC answered on Jan 30th.

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It's been my experience that dogs love the really smelly stinky treats the most, and a lot of treats or foods that don't have a strong odor often get ignored by the more picky eaters.

If Izzy loves the bully sticks, I would stick with them, personally.

I have no experience with Moo Tubes but I do occasionally feed tendons. My dog will not touch tendons unless they're with something else that smells strongly. If it's just tendon, she doesn't find them very interesting. Probably because they don't smell like much. (I use fresh tendons from the grocery store, no smoked or otherwise treated ones.)

Abby answered on 1/27/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Dogs are so strange in the way that the more disgusting it smells the more likely they are to eat it, you think with the stronger noses they would hate it more then us. If she really likes it let her eat it (bonus that is last's long) Things that last long are usually bad smelling for some reason. My dog had a pig ear that lasted a day (an all time length) but god did it stink. The other option is that you get her one of the really expensive bones, they last long and smell good but if you give her one every day it will cost you a small fortune. You could also get her a Kong and put a treat in there, those usually last long since they have to get it out of the Kong. The last option I know of is let her eat it but give her dental treats for dog breath, that way she gets better breath and gets the bully stick
Hope I helped, good luck;)

Frosti answered on 1/27/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer