Do belly bands work?

Bubba HATES going outside. He is very naughty and potties in the house sometimes. I was wondering if belly bands would help this situation. Even though we have wood floors and leather furniture and I love him to pieces, I am sick of cleaning up after he has lifted his leg. This is not such a problem in the summer when the weather nice.

Asked by Bubba on Jan 18th 2009 in Behavior & Training
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Belly bands should only be used when TRAINING a dog to not lift his leg...it's not a good idea to use as a substitute for taking them outside.

I would try and keep a space clear for him to do his business outside...if that doesn't work...try creating a "litterbox" type place for him inside....

I have pee pads inside the house in my playpen if there is too much snow for me outside...they also make litterboxes for dogs as well...

You also want to make sure you clean the area well where he has gone or else he thinks that's his new restroom since, to him, it still smells like one. Get a cleaner specifically for dog urine.

Good luck!

Leon answered on 1/18/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Lifting the leg is generally something the dog has developed as a habit, so breaking it can often be difficult unless you are going to supervise him 100% of the time. Is he neutered? If not, start there. Neutering will NOT fix the problem, but it will help alleviate his desire to mark, and in turn, will make it easier for you to teach him not to.

My parent's had a rescue Chihuahua who was neutered, but lifted his leg when he first came to their home. They did use a belly band, but he would still pee on himself, and I will be honest, this method has not worked for him at all. He would rather pee on himself than not, and some dogs just don't care. You can try this, but you still have to watch him. They did not watch their Chi, and he learned he basically could still pee wherever he wanted. Just because he peed on himself, he was STILL able to lift his leg on things, and so was never really taught NOT to do it.

Keep him leashed in your home. This way you know where he is going and if he starts to wander from you, you will feel the pull on the leash. This will help you keep him away from places you don't want him to be. Take him potty like you normally would, but don't let him near the places he may lift his leg. If he does get close to something to mark on it, touch him in the neck and tell him 'no'. Immediately take him outside. He will realize that marking in the house is NOT what he is supposed to do. Be patient with him and most of all, consistent. He will never learn if you only discipline him half of the time.

When you absolutely cannot watch him, crate him. Dogs generally will not urinate where they lie, and this will keep him confined until you are home to watch him. I spent a winter in AK with my Chihuahuas and had to make a 'litterbox' thing for them because it was just too cold to go outside. However, I started this BEFORE they started going potty in the house because it is always easier to teach them where to go, than to teach them where NOT to go.

Please message me if you have questions, and let me know how he does. Best of luck - he's so cute.

Sergeant answered on 1/19/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I would like to say that belly bands work. I have a male Silky Terrier and I could never house break him. I even got him neutered, but it didn't help. I finally bought one on ebay and tried it on my little fella. I like it so much that I started making them and selling them on my website. I was selling dog clothing at the time and in no time, the Belly Bands were my best selling items. I decided to just sell the bands. If you are interested, please visit my site at www.deeogeepetstore.com.

Deeogee answered on 9/29/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer