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Hi - i have a 3 year chocolate lab who loves the river. Unfortunately he managed to chew on a few rocks last summer. This resulted in his upper canines chipped along with some other teeth. The two upper canines are now discoloring. The dog is not in any discomfort when eating. We took him to the vet dentist who provided a quote for $10,000 to clean the teeth, and do a few root canals. We love the dog but the cost is so much. Any thoughts on whether or not the dental work is required?

Thanks - Tom

Asked by Member 1197929 on Nov 6th 2013 in Dental Care
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If is not in your budget then no. It is a dog, and that is a lot of money. Try a different vet, there is a lot of mobile clinics out there that can do it for a cheaper price. I would also look into pet insurance maybe they can help pay for it. I am sorry about your dog's teeth :(

Romeo answered on 12/7/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer