dalmatians and skin allergies, what to do

my dalmatian puppy has a little rush on his face, it appears reddish, is there any kind of home treatment for this, could it be some kind of mange? Also I have an adult dalmatian I have just adopted and he has a different kind of skin problems, they say it was caused by stress, any other sugestions, thank you!
I do not live in UK or even in Europe so there are things I cannot find here.

Asked by Member 751936 on Oct 12th 2008 in Health & Wellness
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It's probably allergies. A red rash around the mouth and paws is usually caused by contact allergies which Dalmatians are prone to have. I had a Dalmatian who had horrible allergies. She was allergic to grass and would sneeze all the time and would constantly chew and lick her feet and legs. Constant chewing and licking is another sure fire sign its allergies. You can give the adult dog Benedryl twice a day to help. I would check with your vet before giving it to the puppy though just to be safe. Another thing you can do it feed them a high quality food that doesn's have a lot of protien as protien can aggravate allergies as well. by high quality I'm not talking Alpo or Purina either. Nutro is a great brand that costs more but its well worth it.

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