Cost of professional photos?

A guy stopped by our local dog park informing us he was starting a business as a pet photographer and wanted to know if any of us where interested in getting pictures done of our pets. A bunch of us were. He said the price would be $5 a picture.

We all naturally assumed we would be get prints made, but come to find out he was planning on just giving us a disk with the photos we liked...still at the $5 a shot price.

SInce I don't have a point of reference, not sure the asking price is reasonable, especially when it means I'm still going to have to go out and spend money on prints.

Has anyone else had professional pictures done of their pet, and what did you pay? The pictures he took were fabulous!

Paws out!

Asked by Maya on Jul 23rd 2008 Tagged petphotography in U.S. West
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Taking good pictures and Great pictures is a lot different. I am also a "Petographer" $5.00 a pic is not bad. If you like you to can take some great pictures of your dog. Just get down to there level on the ground and have a treat or food in your hand and have them look right into the lens of your camera. This photographer placing your pictures on a disk is really better for you. If the photographer is using a DSLR camera, it can be blown up much larger then a point and shoot camera. I hope this info was some help to you.


answered on Jul 26th.

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When I get my professional agility pictures at shows, they are usualy $5 for a 5x7. And for larger prints $7+. So $5 is very resonable!

Honey answered on 7/23/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gigi - Harpur's Giddy Upp

That is a very reasonable price. You can take the disc to a photo lab and have them done on professional paper.

For many pet photographers, there are sitting fees, and you get charged for each pic you purchase. The ones my friends got from a professional at Petco were 12.00 for the 5x7, 25 for the 8x10 and a cd of all her images (11) cost her 48 bucks.

My dogs compete in agility and the professional pics at the trails are from 6-7 bucks for a 4x6, and 8x10s run from 20-25 bucks.

Glad you like your photos :) Make sure you have a release to reproduce them. they won't do you any good on a disc if they are copyright protected :) Most ofent hte photographers will let you use the pics in a non professional way... if you make money off the pics, they want the credit and the cash.

If it's just for your website, etc. they don't charge and you are OK to use it. Some places WILL NOT reproduce the pics off a CD if they think it's copyrighted, so be sure to check.

Gigi - Harpur's Giddy Upp answered on 7/23/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer