Confused about salmon?

I read about a month ago that salmon should not be given to dogs, but is it true that salmon oil is good? So the fish itself is bad but the oil is okay?

Asked by Member 267619 on Oct 12th 2007 in Other Food & Nutrition
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I believe that raw salmon is the problem, but cooked salmon, or salmon oil is okay.

I would check with the vet, but I've heard that there's an enzyme that is cooked out.

But, then again, I've also heard of dogs being sick from cooked salmon.

In the Pacific Northwest, they seem to be very savvy about dogs and salmon poisoning, so it is a common thing in places where dogs can get a hold of salmon.

I agree it is confusing!

Jack answered on Oct 12th.

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Ceridwen's Cordial Medoc

That's not true, salmon is excellent ! Many dogs eat salmon, even raw, and it's the best food for them. My dog in avatar eats salmon !

Ceridwen's Cordial Medoc answered on 10/13/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Ginger DSA ThD TT CGC  &hearts

Salmon from the Pacific Northwest contain a bacteria which is very dangerous to dogs if consumed, it can cause a fatal condition. Because of this, you should not give dogs raw or incorrectly cooked salmon or trout from the Pacific Northwest area.
Some salmon in some other locations are also high in mercury or PCBs.
Personally I use icelandic salmon oil for my dogs because the standards for allowable levels of PCBs are much stricter than the US standards.

Ginger DSA ThD TT CGC &hearts answered on 10/13/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer