companion for my golden retriever.

i have a 5yrs old golden retriever.He is lovely but i sometimes see that he feels lonely and needs a companion to play with.So,kindly suggest what breed(toy/medium) to go for so that he finds a good companion.

Asked by Member 1119000 on Jul 4th 2012 Tagged companion, seconddog, goldenretriever in Breeds
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If he seems lonely, try bonding with him more, spend more time with him. He may not want or need another dog as a companion. Is he active? If so, take him on long walks and/or runs. Play ball, frisbee or fetch with him. Take him swimming if he likes to swim. Get him involved in an activity and/or a job such as agility, canine freestyle, dock diving, flyball, disc dog, hunting, tracking, rally, weight pulling or retrieving.

I recommend getting a dog that has the same energy level as your Golden Retriever has. Example, a dog that is lazy and not interested in other dogs is not going to be up to playing or being around your Golden Retriever and a hyper active dog may be TOO much for your Golden Retriever to handle.

Try out many different dogs (both male and female). Have a meetup with one dog at a time and whichever one gets along with each other should be the dog that you should pick.

I can't say what breed you should look into because you've not given enough information about yourself and your life style for anyone to say so. Also, a breed of dog that is known to get along with other pets doesn't always mean that one dog of that breed will get along with other pets. It really just depends on the dog.

Look into the breed(s) you are interested in and see if they may be the right fit for you.

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I think a german shepherd would be great I have a German shepherd and he is great with my yorki he is such a loyal dog and we got the yorki to keep my other dog company to but if you find out that you can't get a dog bonding,training and time at the park will help

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