Collie Owner??

Hi there
I would like to ask this question to experienced owner of Rough Collie! I am really interested in owning a Collie... I have been reading a lot of books about them, but reading is much different than owning one. SO if you are an owner or know the breed well, please answer some of this questions... Thank you so much!!!

Are Collie really clam, gentle, and none aggressive?
How is Collie when he is left a lone at home? Does he bark much?
How is Collie doing as 'an only pet' in the house...?
Are male Collie make his marks every where?
How is training Collie yourself? Is he easily forget? Is he easy to teach?
HOw are Collie as an indoor dog?
How high is his energy?

Lastly, please tell me why do you like Collie?

Thank you so much.

Asked by Member 399768 on Jul 14th 2008 Tagged collie, training, roughcollie, puppy, familydog in Collie
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Gray Dawn Treader

Well, I am not a Collie owner, but I too have read a LOT about them and talked to owners and met 2 of them.
The best place to talk to Collie owners on Dogster is in the Collie-specific forums:
I may not own a Collie, but I own a dog that is supposedly part Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie), and that is commonly and wrongly called a "miniature Collie".
Generally speaking, Collies are calm and gentle.
They will bark when bored. They need playtime and exercise to help prevent that.
Collies can do well as an only pet.
Marking can become a problem with any breed.
Collies are generally fast learners and easy to teach.
Collies do best as an indoor dog.
A Collie's energy is generally medium-high.
The best place, IMO, to get a Collie is from a reputable breeder or Collie-specific rescue group. (see
Collies are one of my absolute favorite breeds, so I love to read about them, talk to owners, and meet them.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 7/14/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Hi there, I grew up with rough collies (if you go to my page you can see them)

"calm, gentle, and none aggressive?"

- Depends on dog's upbringing and how he was bred, but generally Collies have a gentle demeanor and are known to be good with children and protective of family. Mine certainly all were.

- How is Collie when he is left a lone at home?

Like any dog he will find something to do if you don't leave him something to do, which may include being destructive. Always give adequate exercise and leave chews or toys to keep him occupied.

- bark much?

Collies do bark, usually it's alert barking (sees someone near/on property, visitors arrive, etc). When properly trained, shouldn't be excessive.

- 'an only pet' in the house...?

Our 3rd Collie was fine.

- How is training Collie yourself?

Very smart dogs - but like ALL dogs - consistency is key.

- indoor dog?


- How high is his energy

Not as high as a Border Collie, but needs mental and physical stimulation.

Kolbe answered on 7/14/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I own a female Collie who is four. She is extremely calm and gentle, a bit skiddish around strangers and if it's a person she doesn't like she barks at them.When she was a puppy we would leave her in the kitchen when we weren't home or at night. She would whine at first but quickly got over it. When she was a puppy she was the only inside dog, she rarely went potty on the carpet. She is extremly intelagent but untrained. She still is an exelent indoor dog but rarley comes in. She prefers the outdoors. When they are outside they have high energy but indoors they are calm. I like my collie because she has never ran away, exellent guard dog, great family pet, is loyal and sweet. You just have to watch them closely in the Summer, they get very hot and shed in large clumps you could stuff a pillow with at the end of the summer. great with other dogs

Member 661798 answered on 7/26/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Abigail Blue

They are very calm, gentle and non aggressive...but as an set the tone...if you teach them at an early age, discipline and give lots of love, then they will be calm, gentle and none aggressive
Our collies are fine alone...they usually just sleep...we have a dog door with an acre fenced backyard that they come and go to at their leisure
they do fine as an only dog...but their PEOPLE dogs...don't leave them alone too much!...
Our males are unneutered and yes they do we keep a close watch on letting them wonder about the house...there are lots of baby gates up at our house!
Collies REMEMBER EVERYTHING...normally a few times training an they've got it down pat...
Our collies are indoor and while they love to rough house, their pretty happy...they do need lots of run space and exercise though!
they have a bundle of energy and start calming down around 3...our 9 year old is very docile...the 8 still acts like a puppy as well as the 3 year old!

Good Luck!

Abigail Blue answered on 7/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Zeus (In loving memory)

I'm an experienced collie owner.
Collies need to be indoors with regular outdoor exercise. They are very social animals and need the human contact. They can be prone to separation anxiety so being completely alone (no other pets/humans) can be a problem. If shedding is an issue, than a rough collie is not for you...their coats are like dust mops, so after they've been outside, expect them to track in dirt and leaves. Collies need a strong leader since they are strong-minded dogs. They are easily trained if you are consistent and loving (you do not have to "dominate" to be the pack leader). They are great at completing complex tasks and need mental stimulation. Collies can be vocal --- they alert bark and have other vocalizations to let you know what they want but they are not "yappy" dogs. Collies are great indoor dogs and can be coach-potatoes (but still need exercise). Collies are not typically aggressive but they are sensitive to their surroundings...they learn from you.

Zeus (In loving memory) answered on 12/27/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer