Chinese Crested (5 years) diagnosed with Hypothyroidism by skin discoloration. Concerned about symptoms. New dog owner.

Vet did very expensive blood testing because she said skin was discolored. I thought skin discoloration (rump, ears and face) was from her farmer tan as she wears pj's all the time. Test came back VERY low throid and dog had Hypothyroidism. Concerned about results as small town does not have many Cresteds and rare breed for the local vet. I don't know what other symptoms to watch for. Please help me. I'm worried about my small 8 pound dog. This is my first dog and adopted her at 5 years old.
Thanks Victoria

Asked by Member 933621 on Mar 23rd 2010 Tagged skindiscoloration, hypothroidism in Other Health & Wellness
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Wow, my normally pale crested boys turned completely black in just three days of warm, Spring sunshine. They sure do not have hypothyroidism!
Does she have any other symptoms?? Did they do t3 and t4 testing both?
Did you explain to your vet that hairless dogs skin DOES turn black with sun exposure... for that matter, my white toy poodles get black faces and tails as soon as the snow is gone and the sun is back as well. I would try to get her numbers from the blood testing and post it over in the health forums... there are some pretty educated responders over there and they would know more about test results than I do. I just know that black skin is completely NORMAL in the sunshine with a hairless dog OR a white dog with normally black skin!!!
Hey, does she have any white spots on her? How does your vet explain that the white areas DO NOT turn black???? With hypothyroidism, ALL the skin should turn black!!!

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I took my almost 4 year old Doberman to the vet because she had two sores on her back that weren't healing very well and the vet took one look at her and said, "Let's check her thyroid!" When I asked why his first impression was thyroid trouble, he said her thin, dull coat and chubbiness clued him in. He did a basic lab panel and sure enough, her thyroid function is low. She now takes Soloxin daily and seems a lot friskier. And after a round of antibiotics, those two troublesome sores healed up beautifully. (Now we're working on shedding those pesky 8 pounds.)

Hope this helps!

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