chihuahua purses?

I am a new owner to a new chihuahua puppy named Neo! He is about 3 lbs. max and he is very small. I have looked for a decent carrier that will be not too big for him, but I am not finding the perfect bag to take him into places that require you to conceal your dog (like train and bus) in Chicago. I was hoping someone could give me the name of their bag brand that they love and that their pet loves to help make the decisions easier. Thank you!

Asked by Member 1116857 on Jun 21st 2012 Tagged dogpurse, carriers, chihuahuacarriers in Carriers, Crates & Kennels
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I've heard good things about the Argo by Teafco Avion Pet Carrier. It's available on Amazon, and it got great reviews. You can't see into it (you mentioned wanting to be able to conceal your puppy), but your dog can still see out & it's ventilated. For my 6.5 lb rescued chi, who we adopted back in April, I use the Dogo messenger style carrier, available at It works great for us, but it might be a little big for your puppy, plus it won't conceal him. A couple of carriers I'm considering for this coming winter are the Snuggle Bug by Petflys (Amazon) and the Cinderooz Cuddle 'n Carry shirt or Hope this info helps, and congrats on your new chi pup! :)

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