Catahoula mix - don't know what else he's mixed with!

We adopted Justice from a humane society and know that he is Catahoula, but the other part we are not sure.

He's 4 months, about 15lbs. Short hair, longish tail that hangs down, with slight curve. One eye has blue crystallization to it (a product of genetics which is apparently common in the catahoula breed).

We've theorized german shephard, australian shepherd and husky. I personly don't think german because he's too white. Not long enough hair for australian and husky I sort of lean towards but not sure, what do you think of him?

Asked by Member 829196 on Apr 22nd 2009 in Mixed Breeds
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I think he looks Catahoula husky. Problem with the DNA test is all breeds aren't covered yet.

If those ears go up he will look more Siberian. If they stay at half mast then he will look more Aussie but of course Catahoulas have drop ears. The face color pattern is found in Siberians and GSDs. When he is done growing a GSD mix might be larger than a Siberian mix.

Sassy answered on Apr 23rd.

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There actually are DNA tests that you can do at home. You simply have to take a DNA sample, such as a mouth swab, which you send to the lab and within a few weeks you receive the results in the mail, letting you know what breeds the dog's DNA is made up of. Check out for more information.

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