Can you stop a dog's pregnancy?

My dog is too youbg to be pregnant and i was wondering if there was some humane way to end her pregnancy.

Asked by Member 507262 on Sep 25th 2007 Tagged pregnancy in Puppies
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There are many ways to prevent pregnancies in dogs; spaying and neutering being the best option. Although, there are now abortion shots. If you do not want to use hormones or medical surgery, you will have to watch your female dog closely while she is in heat. You will have to keep her leashed, even when she is in your yard.

There is an abortion shot that can be given to dogs. As a warning; it can cause cancer, metritis, and other diseases.

Spaying your female is the only definate solution to pregnancy prevention. Some people see this as a crime against nature, but the real crime is that dogs are living in our society and not able to develop and live as they would in the wild. It is not true that females will gain weight after being spayed. But, there is a hormone change, meaning that your dog will only need to eat 1/3 of her usual rassions. Coat changes, especially long coats, may change after spaying your dog. Their hair will usually become much softer!

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You can abort your dog's pregnancy, but you would need to talk to your vet about this option as early in the pregnancy as possible. If your dog is already pregnant and you want an abortion performed, talk to your vet today!

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In my opinion there is no 100% humane way to end a dog's pregnancy; puppies are going to die no matter how it's done. There is a shot out there that can be given. And there are several sterilization options out there including desexing (removing all of the internal sex organs), tubal ligation (tying or cutting of the fallopian tubes), or hysterectomy (removal of just the uterus); all of them prevent pregnancy, but only spaying rids the dog of all their growth and sex hormones. If you do not want to have her sterilized or want to wait until later, board her during her heats with a proffessional to ensure she does not get bred.

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