Can you pee pad and train a puppy to go "outside"?

Is it possible to teach a puppy to do both - go "outside" and use a "pee pad"???

I am baby-gated in the kitchen and have a pee pad during the day. When the family is home, I go "outside" with my sister. But I still have "accidents" in the kitchen where I miss the pee paid completely.

So it's left my family wondering - can a pup do both??

Asked by Bella on Mar 19th 2012 Tagged peepad, outside, potty in Housebreaking
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I've heard people say it's not good, like other comments you might get. But, wouldn't you much rather them pee in a designated area when you're not home rather than peeing wherever they please? I taught my puppy to do both. She will stand by the door when she has to go to the bathroom when I'm home and if i'm not, she'll pee where she was taught to. I think this is fine to do, as long as they know when you are home, to let you know that they have to go. And as for missing the piddle pad completely ... it's a puppy and just like any other dog that's trained to go outside, they have accidents :)

Jugs answered on Mar 26th.

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You should not teach a dog to use a pee-pad because it is not something that dogs are naturally used to. You should consider getting a doggy-dog leading to a fenced in yard and teach both dogs how to use it, this way the older dog can lead the younger one.

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