Can the ASPCA neuter my dog If I say no,without my consent

ASPCA picked up my dog yesterday,I went to pick her up and they told me I have to pay $193 dollars to spay,microchip and kennel costs,That I have 7 days or I lose her,I told them that she is a pure bred beagle and that I wanted to start a family tree for her with the ukc,they said It doesn't matter that once they have her in there hands they can spay and neuter her,The last dog I had neutered got so sick after the surgery she couldn't even hold her urine in anymore,I don't want the same thing to happen to my dog now,Is there any way to stop the aspca from fixing my dog.

Asked by Member 1133040 on Sep 28th 2012 in Laws & Legislation
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If she was running loose with no license or identification of any kind it is possible that they can, indeed, require you to spay and license her before they release her to you as without license or id, it is your word against theirs that she IS your dog.
You can hire a lawyer if you believe they are wrong, but you had better do it pretty fast since after those seven days you HAVE lost her and she will legally be theirs.
I would also agree with having her spayed... running loose when she is in heat is just going to create MORE homeless puppies that the ASPCA will have to deal with, and end up having to euthanize most likely.

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