Can tapeworm be transmitted from infected dog to their owner?

Asked by Member 1031605 on May 6th 2011 Tagged tapeworm, transmit, dog, owner in Health & Wellness
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No,it requires a host (the flea) to complete its life cycle.

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This is how.
If the dog's feces somehow are infected with the eggs and a human gets the feces on their hands and not using good hygene it can somehow get on human food and be ingested if they prepare the food without washing hands throughly.
Or somehow fecal matter gets on your plants in the garden and you don't wash and remove all of the dirt there is a chance the cycle will continue a person could swallow the eggs then the larva could hatch in the intestines/stomach.
this is the only two ways I can think of transmission. So remember to throughly wash hands while cleaning up dog poop or wash your veggies in the gardens/stores.

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Hilda, CGC

There are three common species that affect dogs and cats: Dipylidium caninum which can infect dogs, cats and people uses the flea larva as an intermediate host; Taenia pisiformis which infects dogs uses the rabbit; Taenia taeniaeformis which infects cats uses the rat or mouse. To make a long story short, if you can keep your pet from eating fleas, rabbit, mouse or rat viscera it won't get a tapeworm. The intermediate host is required.
Soo, NO you cannot CATCH a tapeworm from your dog UNLESS you eat an infected flea, rabbit or mouse or rat.

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Canine Tapeworms
The most common form of tapeworm that can jump from dog host to human host are canine tapeworms. In dogs, these parasitic creatures live inside the digestive tract of the animal and leach the nutrients that the dog consumes. When the dog defecates, oftentimes tapeworm eggs and larvae can accompany the feces. If an adult or especially a child comes into contact with this feces and somehow ingests it (such as not washing before eating a meal), the eggs can hatch and grow inside the new human host. Once hatched, the larvae will grow into hydatid cyst in the liver and other surrounding organs. The cysts will continue to grow to as much as a foot in length and in most cases will need to be surgically removed.

Flea Tapeworm

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