Can my excitable, friendly dog be trained out of barking when other dogs pass him by while he is on leash?

He is very friendly and dog sociable. He goes to day care twice a week and plays with every dog there without issue. He is a growly player (apparently somewhere in his mutt there is a little husky). He is an 8 months old, and otherwise never barks. He only barks when he is on leash, and another dog goes by him without stopping to say hi. When this happens he turns into a barking, lunging monster. At the moment, I have him sit between my legs which makes the situation more controlable, and I lift his muzzle and say no in a low voice every time he barks. This has made the incidents less severe, but we are still unable to walk right by another dog if it is passing by us on the same side of the street. Help!

Asked by Member 986922 on May 13th 2010 in Barking
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Yes, it can. Depends on the dog also could take a couple of weeks to months.
I am still working on Bridget our 90lb spaz dog.
She spazzes hard at other dogs. She is VERY social.
She cries out loud like a fire truck to get to them to lick and play.
I am at the point of her heeling but working on the attention.
She is my work in progress because most of my time is spent on the main dog for competition. Just keep working at it, it can be done.
Work on your stuff at home then add dogs.
Also when you add dogs do it at a safe neutral distance and work up to close stuff. That is where I am at right now. Near a fence or other dogs about 10 ft. But, start farther out. Use food. Like chicken. Pack a bag or buy the fanny pack they have one by gentle leader. Making the dog sit in close like that may make him more needy or lean on you too much. He should sit on the side and respect you. But, triggers are normal and some dogs need praise or food rewards to learn better :) If he's good reward

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