Can my 2 month old puppy sleep in the bed?

Let's skip passed all the alpha stuff please. I just got a puppy a few days ago, and she's a little over 2 months old. I decided to crate train her when I heard and read a bunch of things about how letting her in the bed could mean she'll pee in my bed and some other stuff. However, neither of us are sleeping (at all) with her in the crate. She stresses herself out all night crying and whining and scratching at the crate. I put a shirt of mine over the crate to block out light and so she could have my scent, and it's not helping. I tried leaving music on or the television, not helping. I fell asleep with her on the couch yesterday for a good three hours and she was fine. She isn't wetting her crate even though she's in it for eight hours or so while I try to sleep.

If I'm advised not to, then I won't. I'm just trying to make sure that we both get as much sleep as we can and are both comfortable. When I got my last dog we let her sleep in bed with us after a few weeks, but she was also

Asked by Jazmine on Sep 1st 2012 Tagged sleep, puppy, training in Behavior & Training
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I let mine sleep with me. i made sure he could not fall off the bed, of course. But I'm a light sleeper, so when he moved I would wake up to take him out. It worked very well for us. Housebreaking was quite smooth.
I would still work on crate training during the day. It will help you in many ways. Make sure it is a positive place. Give her meals in there, treats. Don't close her in for awhile.
Can you put the crate next to your bed? that way she still knows you're right there.

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Our 3 small dogs sleep in bed with us, and we have never had a problem. The most recent example would be Bella, she has slept in bed since she we 8 weeks old. She cried her little heart out for 3 nights, until I finally broke and put her in bed with us one night. WOW, she slept ALL night, and even woke me up with kisses in the morning. She has been my night time cuddle bug ever since; she even shares my pillow with me.

As long as you are confident that you won't roll over on her, I say go for it. Definitely stick with the crate during the day, so she is safely confined when you are unable to keep a constant eye on her. Best of luck to you!

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Dutchess Roliena Skyvy

my Rhodesian pit was never in a house before i got her at 8 weeks old but we put her in the laundry room hallway with a doggy door that allowed her to go out to the back yard and she has never pied or pooped in the house when i allow her in and her lately I've been keeping her in my room at the head in a crate all she does is whimper for me to stick my hand through the bars and pet her and sometimes i allow her to sleep in the bed with me and she has never pied or pooped in the crate or my bed so i think it should be fine as long as you take her out to go to the bathroom right before you go to bed and allow her to sleep you

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I put my now 10 week old in my room ... I have a little gated square and blankets and the potty pad a the top of the square... she did cry for about 3 nights but know after her evening play and fun she sleeps all night and holds her pee... I wake up to her about 630am and she has peed on potty pad and ready to eat... I am new at thsi but reading a lot and I understand its just consistancy and praise... and patience :) good luck but I say no bed... at least till they grow up and maybe as a treat here and there.

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