can maltese be 10 lbs +

My maltese looks a little bigger that 5-8 lbs she looks to be 10lbs+ are there little bigger maltese?

Asked by Member 1136607 on Oct 19th 2012 Tagged size in Breeds G-M
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Looks can be deceiving especially with so much hair. It is not unusual to have an over sized or undersized dog. Even for a pure breed. Most breeders will refrain from breeding dogs that don't conform to the registry guidelines but there are some out there that don't care about keeping the breed true and only breed for profit. Unless you are planning on showing or breeding your dog then size doesn't matter. Incedentely if you really want to know how much she weighs, then just weigh her.

Jasmine answered on 10/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer