Can I handle a border collie? I'll be a junior in college and I'm looking at rescue BCs (1-2 years old)

I like to think I'm an above average dog owner. I grew up with a poodle mix, lab mix, pure bred Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie), and Siberian Husky. The Sheltie was my pup I picked out and I loved him but knew I always wanted a border collie when I was on my own. The Sheltie is the closest to a BC and the herding and barking was no issue. The past year I pet sit so on any given day I was dealing with 1-3 dogs(2 pit lab mixes, and a Pyrenees). One pit mix was 6 years, the other 8 months, and the Pyrenees 18 months. I want to work with this dog to teach it tricks, maybe work in agility, and definitely frisbee. My schedule is pretty relaxed and I estimate I could provide 2-3 hours per weekday for physical exercise and mental stimulation(morning and evening run, obediance, and frisbee practice). The max I should be gone from my house is 4 hours a day, but my roommates will be home when I'm gone, good with dogs. Money is no problem. 2400 sqft house with fenced yard and dog parks near house.

Asked by Member 997575 on Apr 9th 2011 Tagged adopt, college, border, collie, student in Border Collie
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Vinnie My Guardian Angel

Hi. Given your past history with dogs, I don't see a problem. Lots of land to run around about- and you did say you could spend up to 3 hrs a day on training? That's good.
I got my Border Collie as a second owner- he was off to a bad start- but he bonded well with my other dogggies. (one was a Husky, too)
As he got older, he was way overprotective- Knock at the door, for instance.
Borders are very smart! They need exercise, exercise! I think that you would even ask, it proves how much you care, you could have a great dog!
Did I say that they were really overprotective? Okay, keep that in mind. Go for it! You sound like you could give that doggie a good home. Good luck! They need time and affection.
Wishing you well!

Vinnie My Guardian Angel answered on Apr 10th.

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Billie Bob

If you can spend 2-3 hours per day with training and exercise, I would say the dog will be very very happy with you. That is a lot more then a lot of dogs get. Sounds like you have plenty of room for a dog and finances are not an issue. I would see no reason why not. Taking in a rescue is an awesome experience. I have taken in several, some to re-home, some to keep. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you have made a difference in the life of such a special, wonderful little guy...

Billie Bob answered on 4/10/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer