Can i choose to put my 3 year old shepherd to sleep?

We adopted a 3 yr.old shepherd in Feb.2013 I already have $1000.00 in vet bills plus special diet.Since day 1 he has had bloody diareha sometimes with clots too.He has been on antibiotics for 2 months the vet thought he was toxic from when he was stray.The shelter we adopted him from didnt say he was sick,just once we took him we could NOT bring him back, he also vomits off and on.He isnt very active.I dont want to take him to an APL cas I feel not many people could afford nor deal with a dog like Bomber.I think in my heart he would be better off to be put to sleep? Am I wrong?

Asked by Member 1167840 on Apr 29th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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This is a very young dog! I experienced the same issues with my dog and changing his diet was the answer. You may just need to switch vets. The vet diets always made my dog worse. Have u tried a grain free novel protein food like a venison and potato or a fish and potato? You can try to find another rescue that would take him. I would not put a 3 year old dog to sleep.

Sandy answered on 5/5/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer