Can anyone help me and my dog Rascal?

My dog Rascal and I need your help.
I am asking if you can help me with funding and/or transportation of Rascal, from Pa. to MT. to save his life. He is with a family member in Pa. and they cannot keep him much longer. They are telling me to either get him shipped here to MT. or he is going to the animal shelter where he stands a very high chance of being euthanized. For more information you can check out the fund raiser I have started. If you don't help with this type of situation that is okay, but could you please forward this to anyone that you may know that does or send me the information on them so I can contact them. Thank you!!
Here is the link to the fund raiser:

Asked by Member 1085461 on Jan 18th 2012 Tagged transport, rescue, help, information, pet in Travel & Recreation
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