Can a dog get spayed eventhough she has 28 days until she gives birth?

My boyfriend is thinking of getting his dog spayed & I don't think its a good choice because she only has 28 days until she gives birth. I think that he should wait until after she gives birth.

Asked by Member 1102171 on Mar 25th 2012 in Pregnancy
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You cannot spay a dog if she is pregnant or just given birth. If you spay the dog while she is pregnant (which a Veterinarian will not do) it would kill the puppies and probably the mother. It is recommended that your dog is not spayed until at least 8 weeks after giving birth. By the time the pups reach 8 weeks of age they should be fully weaned. Before that they cannot be separated from their mothers for long periods of time. Also, once the puppies are weaned the mammary gland will be much smaller in size. Mammary glands that are engorged with milk make spaying your dog more difficult and put your dog at a higher risk for infection. After puppies are born, the mother's uterus is still enlarged. After two months the uterus and associated blood vessels will have significantly decreased in size. This makes for a much safer surgery.

Skye answered on 3/25/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Bruno CGC

Skye is wrong. Most vets will do spay/aborts if the puppies are not wanted. It's better to prevent them being born than see them abandoned or neglected later. It's a humane death as the fetuses are deeply anesthetized at the time. It can be difficult to find homes for large, mixed breed puppies, so sometimes abortion is kinder.

A late-term spay is more expensive and risky than an early-term spay because the uterus is more swollen and vascularized, so the risk of heavy bleeding is higher. He should consult with his vet about the risks, and whether it's safe to do now. The longer he waits, the riskier it gets.

If he waits until after the puppies are born, he has to wait until she's done nursing because she needs the female hormones to make milk, and spaying a nursing female is hazardous to her.

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