Boston Terrier has a 'pigeon chest' or protruding sternum.

We had an accident with our little 10-week Boston, when our baby gates fell on him. Now his sternum has become 'pigeon chested' and sticks out a bit.

We've taken him to two vets and had x-rays, basically his sternum is lying lower than it would normally but the vets don't think it will do him any long term harm. And that as he gets older, it will become less noticeable.

Has anyone had a similar experience? And any advice or things to look out for?


Asked by Member 1055665 on Sep 13th 2011 Tagged chest, sternum, pigeonchest in Health & Wellness
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I have a boston but the only thing he did was hurt his neck last year it took many months to heal almost uthanized him over it.
I think in your case if you had a second opinion and they think he will be ok he should be just make sure he gets enough indoor exercise as he is still growing for many months. basically a dog's anotomy is flexible in the chest, the spine supports a dogs movement and the legs are free flowing. the chest consists of many bones but as long as they are not broken he should be ok. but I am not a vet so if you see anything unusual like pain or not eating return to vet immediately

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