Bordetella: Can the intranasal be used orally?

I vaccinate my Dobe myself, and today was his due date for his annual vaccine, as well as his bordetella. I always do the six month intranasal for the bordetella, and was wondering why you do bordetella intranasally, versus just administering it orally? I'd imagine there's a reason why vets don't just do it that way and do it through the nose..but what's the reason behind it?

Luckily my boy minds his manners while receiving the vaccine..but it's still no fun for either of us all around.


Asked by Beau on Jan 2nd 2013 Tagged bordetella, vaccine, oral, intranasal, doberman in Health & Wellness
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The vaccine works by creating antibodies within the nasal cavity. Giving it orally would just cause it to be rendered useless due to digestion processes in the esophagus and stomach.

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