Bloody stool after neuter

My almost 4 yo mini-Dashund was neutered on Thursday of last week. He did fine and I even paid for the laser pain management that the vet recommended to minimize pain. He had his rabies vaccine updated before he left the vet and I was told it would be okay to give him his Comfortis for fleas when I got him home. He seems to be doing fine, hungry, eating, drinking, playing, and alert. Except he had constipation the day after surgery followed by persistent diarrhea that is a light brown/tan color and has now started having blood mixed in. He eats just fine and I even stopped dog food and started a bland chicken/rice mix. No vomiting and overall happy mood except I think he's all pooped out, literally.
I called the vet and all they would say is bring him in which would cost me much more after an already expensive visit. He has an appt on Friday to remove stitches and I'm trying to hold out til then if I can.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated. :)

Asked by Member 1094028 on Feb 21st 2012 in Spaying & Neutering
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