Best organic dog food?

Asked by Member 1013522 on Nov 27th 2010 Tagged food in Pet Food
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I don't know of the "best" organic dog food out there, but there are plenty of great foods to choose from. Some of the healthy dog foods that I suggest you look for are Canidae, By Nature, Ziwi Peak, Taste of the Wild, Nature's Logic, Orijen, Solid Gold, Wellness, Merrick, Timberwolf, Fromm, Evanger's, Natural Balance, California Natural, Innova, Eagle Pack Holistic Select and EVO.

All of those foods are great for dogs. Commercial brand dog foods such as Purina, Eukanuba, IAMS and Pedigree are very unhealthy and are not reccomended for dogs to eat. The ingredients are mostly made up of by-products, corn and other things that dogs shouldn't eat while the organic foods I listed have tons of meat and plenty of healthy ingredients that dogs will thrive on.

If you are interested in finding a good dog food, learning the good, the bad and the ugly about dog foods, check out or this Forum:

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Bruno CGC

Most of the foods Buckeye mentioned are not specifically organic, though they are good foods. They still contain conventionally-raised meats and the veggies may have pesticides or herbicides on them.
I think the most ethically-sourced foods are from Champion Pet Foods that makes Orijen and Acana. Their meats are all free-range, their fish is wild-caught, their ingredients are locally sourced close to their plant whenever possible.

If only buying certified organic food is really important to you, I'd look into home cooking. Then you can choose exactly what to feed your dog. Organic eggs and dairy products are easy to find good sources of protein, and you can use organic oats, potato, etc for the starch, plus veggies and fruits for more vitamins and variety. For organic meat that won't break your budget, try buying a whole animal from a farmer instead of going to the supermarket.

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I would highly recommend Orijen, Solid Gold, Merrick, and Organix.

Feeding raw or homemade is also good. You can feed organic raw or homemade. If you are interested in this, you can check out my group for homemade recipes in the threads -

Here is the Raw Food Diet Forum -

Here's the Homemade Prepared Food and Recipes Forum -

Good luck! Thanks for feeding organic dog food.

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I recommend Science Diet!

Best quality food they have!

Go to this website and choose for yourself!!:D

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Pet Bistro organic dog food is a great food. We had issues with our dog loosing his hair, ear infections and throwing up. Had tried many of the pet foods you list but they didn't resolve all the problems. I found pet bistro organic on the web it seems to have a solid history and vet recommended especially for allergies so we gave it a try. What a significant change in our dog's health within a week. He is now a happy pooch with a full fluffy coat no more ear infections and finally keeping his food down. I wanted to share this information possibly it will help others with similar problems. I believe it is the best organic dog food you may want to consider it. May want to check it out. Thank You Dogster for your wonderful site.

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