Best method to stop biting for a 5 month old pup?

Hi there dog lovers! I have a question for people who are more experienced than I am in this department.

My boyfriend and I adopted a 4 month old puppy last month. We've had him for a month now, he's a 5 month old lab mix and we're having problems with him getting excited and nipping/biting. He doesn't do it with strangers, but often when I'm trying to play with or train him (sometimes when we're walking around and he nips at our feet/pants).

He doesn't bite hard enough to pierce skin, he just likes to nip air around us and put our hands and feet and fingers in his mouth and chomp. We've tried ignoring him, yelping, etc. We're just at a loss to how to nip this in the bud.

Anyone got advice for an older puppy going through his teething stage on how to stay consistent and firm? What's the best method for this stage?

Thank you so much!

Asked by Member 1105154 on Apr 10th 2012 Tagged nipping, biting, puppy, months in Methods of Training
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lol if you find a cure for this you will have to let me know. my 4 month old husky does the same thing.....someone told me it is because they love you, the nipping at the legs. my puppy nips/bites all day everyday. i know she is just teething and i just hope she grows out of it. i have tried making a loud ouch sound when she does it, it worked a few times and that is it. my puppy trainer told me to grab her snout when she does it, but that doesn't really work either. i have also tried putting toy in her mouth and saying no, but that only works sometimes also. good luck!

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I have the same problem with this mutt,

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First of all, the biting you all are calling teething is really puppy biting and has nothing to do with teething. Teething will create chewing, shoes, etc. Puppy nipping/biting is a puppy playing and not realizing that teeth on skin hurts! This is usually handled in the litter by mom and the other littermates if the pup stays with the litter long enough (at least 8 weeks) but leaving too early stops the pup from learning that if you bite, you get bit back.
The best way to handle this is to stop ALL play when the pup gets too excited and starts biting skin. Say "Ouch" loudly, and either immediately put the pup in his crate or another room, OR, you leave the room.
Only separate him for a few minutes, otherwise he doesn't know why he is separated, HOWEVER, you may have to repeat multiple times in each play session until the pup gets the idea that teeth on skin equals play time ending instantly.
Being consistant helps your pup learn this faster so make sure NO biti

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I added a link to a method of teaching a puppy not to nip people. The Pup is rewarded with food when it stops mouthing the trainer. This can be transfered to other items the pup should not chew on.

I found it necessary to teach an alternate acceptable behavior with Sonny because he was a serious bitter and 8-9 months old when we got him. I used peanut butter or canned dog food to encourage licking, rather than biting or clawing.

While most pups catch on quick to proper mouth manners, some are not deterred by the yelp and ignore method. It may actually encourage them to intensify the attack as they figure they're winning.

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