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Rescued a one year old Boston terrier two days ago, He does not like to go to the bathroom outside, but will go into his kennel and pee. At night I have been taking him out every hr and yet I will feel inside his kennel and it will be wet. I’m getting a smaller kennel today for him but does anyone have any other ideas?

Asked by Member 1147672 on Jan 2nd 2013 in Housebreaking
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I am not really sure what else you can do, getting a smaller kennel may is not usual for a dog to pee and poop where they sleep (the kennel) so maybe if he doesn't have a whole bunch of extra room he will stop. He is 1 yr old so should be able to hold it overnight. If you think he is having trouble holding it it may be that he has a UTI, maybe get him checked by a vet if you think that may be the cause. maybe dont let him drink a bunch of water before bed to try and help. Take him out often and praise and give me a treat when he does go outside. Another thing to is if you dont clean his pee scent properly he will continue to where his scent is cuz thats just what they do. So make sure to clean it properly and lots of treats and praise when outside....make sure not to scold and hit when you feel the wet pee, if you dont catch them in the act just clean and move on as it will make no sense to them why their in trouble. If you see it say outside and take him out. Good luck

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