Bald spot on dogs tail?

For the past month or two my dog has developed a bald spot on tip of his tail, he is always walking sideways and it really bothers him because it itches him. I'm giving him a lot of supplements which are really helping him a lot and the hair is growing back some but he is still itching and the bald spot is still noticeable. Sometimes he'll have a ton of fleas that will be crawling just in that one area but nowhere else along his body. The spot is not red but the skin is flaky in that one area. It's not a hot spot, I don't think it's a flea allergy but I don't know for sure, it's not mites, so does anyone have any idea about what it is? He doesn't have ring worms because it's not a circle, it's just a patch.

I do give him vitamin C and that really seems to help but my other question is, how much vitamin C can a dog have? How many grams/mg can a dog have?

If anyone else knows what this could be, let me know! Nothing else is bothering him but the tip of his tail.

Asked by Member 930032 on Nov 26th 2011 in Skin Problems
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