Aussie being weird about personal space at bedtime?

We have a fantastic 14-month old Aussie. He's a great dog with a few quirks, some of which we aren't sure are caused by his young age or if they are behavioral problems. He took to crate training very well from the start and we have no problems "putting him away" when we leave for work or go to bed at night, with one exception. He's got this weird moan/growl whenever we try to get near him to say goodbye/goodnight. Sometimes we stoop down near the crate while he's in it to say goodnight, and I can understand why he might feel like his personal space is a little invaded. But other times we might be up on our bed and we'll invite him up to come say goodnight and he'll get very antsy about being away from his crate and do his moan/growl thing until he can't take it anymore and runs back to his crate. I can't tell if its an aggression issue that needs to be addressed or just a silly personality quirk.

Asked by Wyatt on Apr 21st 2013 Tagged crate, training, aggression, growling, growl, nervous, nervousness, anxiety in Crate Training
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It sounds as if he is territorial around his crate something that might help with this is dont say goodnight to him which sounds to me that it is a trigger to his growling. I would try it and if it works continue to do so. One other thing is what do you do when he starts growling? Do you yell at him? Try taking him out of his crate when he starts growling and wait til he stops before putting him back into the crate dont let him escellate to a bite if he starts growling use a sound that makes him stop what he is doing to distract him from proceeding with the unwanted behaviour hope this helps good luck

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