At what age is best to start training a puppy??

I got a dog a week ago... shes nine months, she loves her toy bone and this is my first puppy. Please help me

Asked by Missy on Jan 4th 2008 Tagged training, puppies in Behavior & Training
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As soon as you bring her home.

Even though the old saying goes, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks", in reality you can start training a dog at any age - if the dog is nine weeks, nine months, or nine years old.

Even if you bring home a very young puppy, training and working on wanted behaviors starts immediately after the dog comes home with you. You would start teaching the dog to recognize her name and get her used to a set schedule of when you go outside, when she's fed, when it's time for walks and when it's time for bed time. Even playtime can be training - you're teaching her what she can and cannot play with, not to bite your hands, and rules for your games (such as, when you bite me, the game ends).

Formal training, such as sit, down, and come, can be started at a very young age as well. It's never too early to "shape" behaviors using positive rewards. A good time to enroll into a class is around 6 months old - puppy class.

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Gabrielle  11/94 -9/23/2005

Immediately !

My first Afghan Hound arrived when she was 7 months old.
She was not housebroken and missing the 10 other dogs she was raised with. We changed her name and went to work. Take every opportunity to hug and encourage the new member of the family and the rest should be pretty easy.

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Gray Dawn Treader

I don't think that all breeder's do this, but if the breeder starts training a puppy as soon as it can walk, it will know that obdeience is part of it's life.

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Puppies are just like human babies! We love to learn and we are like little sponges, just absorbing information the whole time! At nine months old your puppy is a bit older than me, but my Mummy has already taught me to sit and give her a paw if I want the delicious treat she is offering. I have only been with my Mummy for a couple of weeks but I am also already housetrained (on the whole!) My big brother Buddy is two and he is learning grown up stuff so he can join agility classes. Every minute you spend with your puppy is another opportunity to teach it something new! Learning can be lots of fun but remember your puppy will get very tired quickly so give it lots of time for sleeping too!

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I'm probably late in responding, however, my Mom brought me home 2 weeks ago (I'm now 9 weeks), we started our puppy class Thursday (01/03/08). The trainer said it is never too early to start socializing a puppy and to start with the basics. Since it is your first puppy, watch out! We are a handful and always looking for trouble. If you haven't thought of it, try a kennel, but remember to not use it when you angry/mad at the puppy. The kennel should only be a positive area, make it homey. I don't have a kennel, my Mom works from home. We are a lot of fun. Training will make the 2 of you closer, if that is what you are seeking. It will too, make your dog much more accepted in any situation. Hope this helped. Good luck, you'll have a great time!

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The trainer in my area said he does'nt start obedience until 10 weeks, but to includes socialization ( things like introducing the dog to new people new things, new noises and smells as soon as the puppy arrives ( as long as it has second vacs)

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