are white German Shepherds a good idea?

I hear that white German Shepherds tend to be more mellow than just Germans? I also hear that because it's a genetic mutation, that they have poorer health and that they aren't recommended if you are really into wanting to go into the actual sheep herding business because the sheep would confuse them for their own?

Asked by Member 1149850 on Jan 16th 2013 Tagged whitegermanshepherd, germanshepherd, sheepherding, traning, mellowdog in German Shepherd
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All false. All my whites have been more high drive, but softer nerved than my *regulars.
It is NOT a genetic mutation. The white is a masking gene for colour.
They have the same health issues as any gsd. My whites don't have the sharp angulation, which I actually prefer.
And sheep can tell the difference between a dog & another sheep. Although I don't think Squam would be my first choice as a herding dog. lol
Feel free to pmail me if you have more questions.

answered on Jan 16th.

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