Are there any home remedies for a dog that has lost his voice from barking so much?

I had my dog in a boarding facility for 8 days during my vacation. It was the first time he has ever been in a place like that and I think because of the stress of being away from us he barked excessively. His bark just sounds like a squeak toy now.

Asked by Member 558192 on Jan 14th 2008 Tagged laryngitis in Alternative Treatments
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Poor baby! This happened to the dog we had when I was growing up. We went away for a week and when we returned, he sounded like a cross between the guy who does voice overs for movie previews and a lifelong smoker.

After two or three days of being back at home in his regular routine, he was fine again.

I'd try and keep him quiet and make sure that he doesn't bark a lot.

One thing that you could do to help coat his throat a bit is to get some plain, lowfat yogurt (no flavor, no fruit, etc.) and stick it in an ice cube tray. Once it hardens, pop a little yogurt ice cube onto the floor and let him lick it. You could even put some frozen peas or carrots in there, too, for an extra treat. The cold and yogurt will help to cool his throat and coat it a bit.

If he's not normal by the end of the week, or if he has any other symtpoms, call the vet.

Good luck!

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Best advice is keep him quiet! You can also put a humidifier in his room or near a crate if you use one. If he develops a cough, seek your vet's attention as there are cough meds available such as Torbutrol. Also, make sure that your dog was vaccinated for bordetella. The boarding facility should have required this vaccine but some places do not. If he hasn't had his vaccine, then he may have contracted "kennel cough" or bordetella. Your vet will be able to give him the vaccination intranasally and it works within 48 hours. My guess is that he has just strained his voice box and needs time to heal. Don't stress too much and make sure to keep him quiet for the next 2 weeks and it should return 100%.

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