Are Shih Tzu with blue or green eyes rare?

Asked by Tiffany on Nov 1st 2010 in Shih Tzu
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Hopefully they are rare since it is a disqualifying fault according to all Shih Tzu breed standards, and, as such, is something that responsible breeders breed against having in their litters.
A breed standard is written by the members of the breed clubs, based on the type desired in that particular breed and it defines what is correct and what is incorrect in that particular breed. This is very important since this standard is what actually defines the breed and it is what makes a Shih Tzu a Shih Tzu and not a Lhasa Apso or a poodle, or some other breed. Without these standards which responsible breeders use to select their breeding stock there would be no individual breeds at all. They would all end up as one common mutt.

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Candy 4/13/99 - 2/8/09

Are you asking because the two puppies that live with you have blue eyes?

This is a strange thing and I'll try and find the medical info.....Most mammal babies are born with blue eyes.
It has to do with the amount of melanin in the iris at birth and how much is deposited during the early weeks of life.

Candy 4/13/99 - 2/8/09 answered on 11/1/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Nemes Shih Tzu Lovers in Texas

Hello Tiffany. I am a hobby breeder of shih tzu in Texas.Yes, green eyes are uncommon, blue& white eyes are rare.In some cases blue eyed shih tzus are that way because of being ill with hepatitis. The difference in an infected dog and a "genetically" blue eyed or white eyed (no eye color pigment at all) are NOT hard to spot the differences.Deep blue milky&cloudy light blue eyes in addition to symptoms of bloody/tarry stool,lethargy,& kennel cough like symptoms are sign of disease.Buying from a reputable breeder &with a health guarantee is the safest bet. Since blue &white eyes are SO VERY rare, do be aware that many people selling shih tzus advertised as possessing these eye colors IN FACT do NOT have LEGITIMATE blue eyed, white eyed or even green eyed shih tzus for sale. This is because as PUPPIES, the eyes OFTEN appear to be a lighter color, however drastically change as the dog matures. My blue eyed & green eyed shih tzus were bought beyond 6months old to ensure the eyecolors.

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Hi there. :) Blue eyes exist in all mammals, even us humans. Its usually caused by a gene related to albinism, there are various mutations of albinism. There are also unknown causes however, like huskies with blue eyes. The typical cause of blue eyes is the merle gene, a gene found in dogs that creates a spotted and washed out appearance in the coat, and sometimes can give the dog blue eyes. For huskies, they do not have this, and so the cause is unknown. Sometimes border collies are this way too. As for Shih Tzu's, I have heard of these blue eyes and green eyes, I guess they are becoming more common... For them I'm guessing it too would be an unknown cause. The merle gene originated in Europe, as did white humans with blue eyes, so a Shih Tzu with blue eyes, which originated in China, is rather odd. You can read more about the merle gene, and similar genes, here: merle

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