Are deer bones OK for dogs?

My dad goes deer hunting every year, and he agreed to let me have a bone for my dog if he gets a deer this year. I was just wondering if deer bones were OK for her to chew on, as long as I get rid of it before she manages to eat it? If so, what kind of bone would be safest, body location and gender of the animal? She is starting to lose her baby teeth, if that makes any difference.

Asked by Ella on Nov 16th 2012 in Other Food & Nutrition
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Antlers are probably the safest they have calcium in them alot of people worry about their dogs choking or their puppies breaking a tooth. You just need to be careful when letting her chew on it you need to watch her when she has it. Example if she manages to break of a piece of the antler that looks like it is small enough to choke it take it away from her. The antler should last her weeks or in this case months since shes a puppy. You can get the antlers from Petsmart they sell them there they also have moose and carribu antlers. They look real sturdy was considering getting one for Buddy.

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