Are bones bad for dogs?


Two weeks ago my grandmothers’ dog died (Chihuahua dog) because of a chicken bone. They told me the bone rupture the intestines and then he started vomiting blood and then died. Now, since then I’m freaking out about bones and I don’t let anybody give my dog a bone. I even threaten to break up with my boyfriend if he feeds my dog a bone and she dies. He said I’m over reacting since I’m an over protective dog owner, but can someone help me and tell me if bones are bad? My dog doesn’t chew she swallows everything, even soft food, and I’m just scare she might have the same faith as my grandmothers’ dog. Finally, I'm hearing that uncooked bones are good, but not cooked and then that ONLY chicken bones are bad but not ribs. Can some one help?

Asked by ROÑA on Nov 13th 2007 in Food & Nutrition
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All cooked bones are best avoided, that includes smoked or dried bones as well. They are very hard, brittle and difficult to digest so can cause some serious problems, including death.

Raw bones are much easier for dogs to handle. Raw poultry bones can be handled by even the smaller dogs. But it is best if they are wrapped in lots of raw meat as well. The meat acts as a sort of cushion in case there are sharp edges. Once in the stomach, the bones are digested quite quickly and will pass just fine.

Recreation bones, or "wreck bones", are the hard dense bones of the legs of livestock. They are very dense and hard, even when raw, and can easily chip or break teeth. Even larger dogs are best to avoid these bones, especially strong chewers as they seldom know when to ease up.

Good bones = Raw poultry bones, wrapped in lots of juicy raw meat. Some larger dogs can handle pork or beef ribs or necks.

Bad bones = Anything cooked. Weight baring bones of the leg, even raw. Naked raw bones.

Gio answered on 11/13/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


There are an awful lot of myths out there when it comes to bones, especially chicken bones. I constantly hear, "You can't feed chicken bones, they will kill your dog!" even though chicken bones are a staple of the raw diet I feed. So let me clear up some of the myths.

NO cooked bones are ever safe, regardless whether they are chicken bones or cow bones, ribs or legs. Cooking alters the makeup of the bone, making them brittle and easy to splinter which can cause a lot of damage to a dog if ingested. This includes smoked bones.

NO weight-bearing bones from large animals, such as cows and pigs are completely safe. Weight-bearing bones are leg bones and neck bones, for example. They are very dense because they have to hold a lot of weight, and as a result can chip or break dog's teeth. They are only okay as a "chew" bone under supervision.

ALL OTHER RAW bones are safe, including chicken bones. They can be crunched up, eaten and digested just fine by a healthy dog.

Abby answered on 11/13/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 4 Report this answer