are any kind of animal allowed in a business where food is sold

are animals allowed to go into a business where there is food sold?

Asked by Member 1076979 on Dec 11th 2011 in Other Laws & Legislation
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As this is Dogster, I can mostly only answer for dogs.

A service animal, like a guide dog or seizure alert dog or another animal that provides a similar service for a human is allowed to go anywhere the human is allowed to go. So they are allowed in food service businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, any place.

Pets don't have the same priviledge.
Most businesses put up signs to say pets are not allowed. BUT:
What some businesses and people don't know is that without such a notice there may be no law prohibiting a pet from being brought into a restaurant or other public building. It is expected that any pet be properly controled at all times, not bother other people and not be unsanitary in any way.

A woman in Connecticut was asked to remove her service dog because he was pooping everytime she took him into the grocery store. Not cool.

Don't expect to take your pet in a restaurant with you, many service dogs are still asked to leave - which is illegal.

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I just joined and coming up as Guest. I am an animal law attorney on Long Island, in NY, and I handle many areas of law, including disability discrimination. has more info on this but here it is in a nutshell: The Americans With Disabilities Act rules come first, even over rules on food safety, and a Service Animal (not just dogs acc to ADA) can go anywhere the public is allowed. The seminal case is a Service Dog on a brewery tour. Your state and local areas have their own rules on Service Animals as well. For instance, New York has the Human Rights Law and New York City has the same as well as a license for Service Dogs. Although it is NOT legal to even ask a person how she is "disabled", you can ask a person what the animal is trained for. However, so many people get harrassed, NYC came up with a "license" supposed to help shut up opposition because people are "vetted" before getting one. So, your area can have stricter rules than the ADA-check.

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