Gray Dawn Treader

Anything I should know about "Sentry Natural Defense" (flea meds)?

I'm using natural flea control, but temporarily I'm having to use a commercial brand while we're waiting to see if the vinegar will work.
Anyway, opinions on this brand? If the vinegar doesn't work, we may have to go back to commercial flea control on a regular basis. We only got this brand because we needed it right away (we usually ordered it online) and it cost less.
The package says "natural", but that doesn't mean it isn't bad and they can claim whatever they like pretty much.
I want to do a little research to see if it would be safe to keep using the brand (if we find we have to), and need something to start on.

Asked by Gray Dawn Treader on Jun 7th 2010 in Flea & Tick Prevention
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I have never personally used Sentry flea meds, but you can also check out Bio Spot monthly applicators as well. They are more natural too.

Petri answered on 6/8/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I would do some serious research. I believe Sentry is one of the brands that was responsible for the deaths of MANY dogs. This is a pyretherin (sp?) based product and aside from the fact that is doesn't protect for very long, there are many, many dogs sensitive to the amounts of pyretherin in these products, even though it is a natural product. Digitalis is natural, too, derived from the foxglove plant, yet it is fatal if ingested in the wrong amounts.
I have found that in the long run it is safer and actually less expensive to use the veterinary products such as frontline plus or advantix. We use frontline or advantix (depending on the black fly season), every 7 to 8 weeks and have NEVER had a flea problem in over 10 years... and my dogs are often exposed to dogs with fleas in our grooming shop and daycare, and to stray cats that hang around with lots of fleas on them.

Member 641257 answered on 6/8/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Miss Priss

Hi - For Natural Flea and tic control we use D.Earth powder along with Cedarcide ( cedar oil mixture for yard, pets, and bedding)
Here is the link to D.Earth/ Get the human grade one only: Diatomaceous Earth organic:

YOUR product can be used in smaller dosages/ ** I would take 1/2 of the Natural Defense and split it between 2 dogs. ( safer to use the lesser amount and still get good flea control)
( this product is natural but even essential oils can have side effects)

Here is the link to the "Natural flea powder":

Miss Priss answered on 6/8/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer