Anyone have any info on dachshund being pregnant with Doxle puppies?

My beagle got my dachshund pregnant. I need any information about dachshunds having doxle. Will this be hard for her? any special care other than what you would give a dachshund having reg dachshund pups?

Asked by Member 1138765 on Nov 2nd 2012 Tagged beagle, dachshund, doxle, pregnant, puppy in Other Puppies
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I don't understand your question...Doxie is a nickname for dachshund, so of course any dachshund would have doxie puppies.
If you are questioning where your dog can have dachshund/beagle mix puppies it is impossible to say...she may need a c-section to get them out, depending on her size and the size of the male.
I would strongly suggest you read up about pregnancy in dogs and whelping and c-sections and all to prepare yourself now before it's too late and you find her needing emergency surgery in the middle of the night. Be advised, the average cost for a c-section is $1500 so you might want to start saving up now as well.
They is way too much to have to know about pregnancy and whelping to outline it here in under 1000 letters, which is all we have available here.

answered on Nov 2nd.

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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

I agree with Toto. Don't neglect your pregnant dog. Odds are she will have serious problems with delivery. I would have a vet follow her closely, or you may be saddened by the outcome.

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