Anyone have any cute pictures showing your Havanese puppy's haircut?

I am having trouble finding a good groomer for my havanese puppy. I have taken her 3 times already (to different places) and haven't been pleased with the results. She has such a cute face but now she looks like a mess!

Asked by GINGER on Nov 19th 2007 Tagged havanese, grooming, haircut in Havanese
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Maybe you'll get a lot of answers if you post this question under "Informative Topics: Breed Specific Forums" - Havenese" Forum :)

In the meantime, I was curious myself to what the "typical" cut for a havenese is but found out that:

"Since the first standard was approved, Havanese dog breeders and exhibitors have preserved the "natural" appearance of the breed. Havanese dogs are exhibited in a completely natural state, clean and freshly brushed out. The only trimming that is permitted is the tidying up of the feet. This trimming is limited to the feet only, and should never extend up the leg of the dog."

AKC agrees on very little cutting under "Presentation":

So maybe that's why you haven't had consistant cuts no matter where you go!:) Do you have a particular "look" in mind? Many groomers are happy with accommodating "shih tzu cut" or "this to the face" w/explaination

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