Any tips on making the transition from a kennel to an apartment easier for my foster dog?

I am fostering a dog for a local rescue group in a few weeks, and he has spent at least the last 7 months or so in a kennel. As far as I know, he has spent his whole 6 years of life before that on the streets.

He is potty-trained (rarely goes potty in the kennel), and has generally good behavior in the kennel, but I can see him getting stressed under such a drastic change of environments!

Is there anything I can do to make his transition from the kennel to an apartment easier?

Asked by Member 723437 on Mar 20th 2012 in Fostering a Pet
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Bruno CGC

I would guess if he's not extremely fearful and feral-acting, he's lived in a home before. 6 years on the streets is unlikely in developed countries. He probably was abandoned or escaped from his previous owner much more recently than that.

I would just let him tell you what he wants to do while he settles in. Give him a quiet place to lie down if he's feeling overwhelmed. Feed him and take him out on a schedule, dogs love predictable routine.

If he's acting stressed, don't feed him a lot at first because a lot of dogs get stress diarrhea. Feed small amounts until you're sure he's settled in and his poops are normal. Don't leave him free and alone in your apartment for the first few days. When you leave put him in a crate or x-pen, or gate off a small area for him with a bed, chew toy, and water.

Bruno CGC answered on 3/21/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer