Any tips on how to bathe a Wheaten less frequently?

My 7 month old Wheaten Terrier is always filthy! When she comes home from day camp her coat has a layer of grime that is beyond gross (plus she smells of funk). If you pair that with her love of rolling around in all aspects of nature she needs baths on a regular basis. It'd be nice to cut back a bit.

Asked by Member 1130441 on Sep 12th 2012 Tagged wheaten, bath, grime in Grooming
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You might just buy some wet wipes to wipe her down regularly, then follow up with a body spray. I personally love PETfection Deodorizer Spray and their "I Smell Good" spray. Both are 100% Organic and non-toxic. You can spray them on as often as you want and they will help cut the grease and odor. Maybe these will get you to extend time between baths! Hope this helps.

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