Any ideas what my dog might be?

Any ideas of what my dog is?

She is 6 months old and 50lbs, 21" tall at the shoulders and is sleek black and tan. Her paws are all webbed. She's a shelter dog which said she was a black and tan coonhound mix. I did a wisdom panel test and got back greyhound and harrier..? Other included breeds were treeing walker coohound, black and tan coonhound, bernese mountain dog, leonberger, and australian terrier (in order of highest percentage to lowest). Not so sure about those results, the harrier doesn't seem awfully far off but definitely not the right colors lol None of those have webbed feet either. Any help is greatly appreciated. I thought maybe lab and b/t coonhound before I saw these. I really want to know where these severly webbed feet came from.

If I knew how to post pictures I would but she's similar to this

Asked by Member 1108737 on May 1st 2012 Tagged mixedbreedblackandtancoonhoundtreeingwalkercoonhoundterriergreyhoundlabdnatestheinz in Breeds
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Sounds like she's going to be a big girl. My bet would be coonhound and maybe lab? At 6 mos and 50 pounds, she's going to get much bigger...

Sounds like a good ol' American Heinz 57...

Helo answered on 5/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer