Any good German Shepherd breeders in Ontario?

I'm looking into getting a German Shepherd in the next year or so and was just wondering if anyone knew of any reputable breeders in the Ontario area? I prefer the darker coloured ones, if that is of any concern. Not fully black, perhaps, but mostly black? I also am NOT looking for a show dog. I like the 'old fashioned' German Shepherds with the straight backs. I don't want my dog to look like it's sitting when it's actually standing up ( no offense to anyone who likes this ). So yes, can anyone out there help me out?

Asked by Member 1001228 on Aug 19th 2010 Tagged breeder, german, shepherd in Canada
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working lines are everywhere just like show lines. The best breeders are ones who don't breed just for color as you mentioned. They make sure their dogs are totally healthy. They certify hips and elbows. Eyes are certified and they make sure the dogs have been shown. Believe it or not working line breeders are showing their dogs. They get the dog breed surveyed which means the judge tells them if the dog is breed worthy. There is several varieties of gsds. There is Czech lines, german showlines, american showlines, working lines ect. There is even the shiloh shepherd and the mix the king shepherds. Do alot of research.

Dieta answered on 8/20/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


The best idea would be go to there are over 173,000 dogs in desperate needs of homes from rescue groups or shelter so you are probably bound to find just the one for you. There are almost 8000 German Shepherd Dogs a few examples might be: , , or

but of course there are tons more I just wanted to show you a few of your options- just a note if you see a dog that it not in your driving distance that you really want most rescue groups have a transport system to get the dogs where they need to be. Also many shelters have waiting list if you tell them exactly what you want they will call if the particular dog comes in. BEST OF LUCK IN FINDING YOUR NEW FUR BABY!!!

Mattie answered on 8/20/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer