Am I making the right decision to spay my 1 year old shih tzu even though she's pregnant? Please hurry:(

My 1 year old shih tzu is pregnant, and I'm confused as to what's best for her. After three awful encounters at the same vet, I found another but have had 5 different Dr.'s in 5 visits. I had lab work done because she wasn't eating. I've had blood and urine tests run on her 4 times in a week, x-rays, and ultra sounds that don't tell me anything other than their are in fact puppies, and she is about 30 days in. Her blood work all 4 times shows her white blood cell count is very high. They say it's an infection, but aren't able to tell me where. She hasn't had a fever, but her glucose level is really low too. She hasn't been eating hardly anything, sleeps all the time, and she has lost all of her spunk. I almost feel like she is uncomfortable, or unhappy. At first I wanted the puppies, but I'm afraid now for the health and well being of MY "BABY" because of her behavior and this mysterious infection. The Vet suggest I spay her, because of my concerns for the puppies health due to hear not eating, and the complications she may have trying to give birth since she is young, weak and what this infection is doing to her. The antibiotics suggested could harm the puppies, which seems awful. Im scared and confused having seen so many Dr.'s, so I made the appointment for 8 am. today. I know it's late, but I'm nervous, and hoped maybe you could give me your thoughts, or any peace of mind? I appreciate it.

Asked by Member 635546 on May 22nd 2008 in Pregnancy
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