ALT and Bile Acid Test EXTREMELY HIGH. Now What?

My baby Gizmo is 1-1/2 years old. Has always eaten Royal Canin dry food & Pure Bites for treats. Took him to the Vet for shots on 2/22/13 w/X-ray of chest due to minor vomiting found enlarged heart. Took him for his first Teeth cleaning 4/11/13 & opted for the bloodwork before putting him to sleep & it shows ALT at 463 which is 5 times higher than normal; gave Gizmo DenaMarin. On 4/15/13 we had an ultrasound done on his organs & his liver is small & discolored. Did Bile Acid Panel & his results are 261; normal is 0-15 which is seventeen times higher. Putting him on Royal Canin Hepatic food which is low in protein. Vet is very surprised that Gizmo does not have any symtoms or show any signs of anything. He is very playful and alert. What is going on? Help! My Gizmo is MY BABY! PLEASE HELP!

Asked by Member 1165391 on Apr 16th 2013 Tagged alt, bileacid, liver in Other Health & Wellness
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